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The Merge“The Merge” at Hope Chapel – Valatie, NY – June 30, 2017

Our Churchjourneyblog.com team had the pleasure of once again attending Hope Chapel in Valatie, NY.  This time however, it was not to journey this wonderful body of believers but to witness a monthly event hosted by Hope Chapel.  The event is called “The Merge” and is a phenomenon conceived of God that is being manifested all across America and the world.  Hallelujah! It is now in the Upstate NY region.

“The Merge” is not a place.
“The Merge” is not a church.
“The Merge” is not a new denomination or religion.
“The Merge” is not just a good Idea.
“The Merge” IS a GOD Idea that reveals His plan for the end time Church. It is a concept that transcends all established thinking of what Church should look like.

The praise and worship that night was wonderful. Conga drums made me feel my heart beat.  Many came to the microphone with prophetic words, exhorting, encouraging and lifting up the name of the Lord, extolling Him and exalting His goodness.  Pastor Dave Cramer prophesied that “God doesn’t want us to ask for His power, He wants us to ask for His love.” As worship continued, body ministry began to happen among the brethren.  People were praying one for another.  Hands were being laid on the sick. Leaders and Saints of all measure were free to love the attendees there.  Other than some words of encouragement, prayer and direction by the host pastor, there wasn’t any teaching or preaching although often there is. The service is totally yielded to the Holy Spirit.  Afterwards, everybody ate and fellowshipped.  It was a most excellent experience.

All of a sudden it started to make sense. “The Merge” is not a local event conceived by a local pastor.  In truth, “The Merge” is most definitely a GOD idea, revealed in 2003 to Danny and Karen Steyne.  It is a revelation of God’s heart and now God is giving it legs to move across the globe.  It’s for everyone, and it’s everywhere!

Many believers and fivefold ministers concur that the world is on the precipice, the very threshold of an incredible outpouring from God. The Prophets are seeing it.  It has been foretold by Isaiah and Micah.  For over 500 years, since the beginning of the Protestant reformation to present day, God has been reestablishing, reforming, if you will, His glorious Church.  Every great move of God from the doctrine of grace established by Martin Luther to the baptisms, the methods of evangelism, the availability of the gifts of the spirit for every Christian to the reestablishment of the five fold ministries have been preparatory for what God is about to do in these final days of the Church age.

Now that we have a working knowledge of what Christ’s Church is supposed to look like and how it should operate, we are about to witness perhaps one of the last revelations of Gods heart. It’s as though God has been patiently laying a foundation, an infrastructure upon which He will finally finish the rest of the building, called His Church.  It is accepted by most that we are in the final hours of the final days.  Something wonderful beyond our understanding is about to happen.  God is afoot in Upstate New York and you will live to see the greatest revival since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  What is about to happen will eclipse the great revivals of Wales and Azusa street and the extraordinary ministry of Charles Grandison Finney. We are going to witness first hand an outpouring of the love of God that will finally enable, release, energize, motivate and empower the Church to accomplish the great commission.  We are going to run to the Mountain of Worship, the Mountain of the Lord.  Many will inquire “which way is it?” and we will lead them there.

The next outpouring of God is not going to be one of mere doctrine and theological correctness. It is going to be an outpouring of love, so powerful, so compelling and so irresistible that millions are going to come to God to receive mercy and salvation. They are going to come and worship Him at the mountain. Isaiah 2:2; “In the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains, and will be raised above the hills; and all the nations will stream to it. And many people’s will come and say, come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord . . .”

Mountain of Worship is the name of this ministry and WORSHIPPING God is their Raison d’être (Reason for being) because worshipping God is every Christian’s defining purpose. We were made to worship Him.  Why do we worship Him?  We worship because worship is an expression of our love for God.  We worship Him every day with our actions, our speech, our bodies, our thoughts, our wealth and our very lives.  We worship Him in music and dance with instruments, in spirit and in truth; we worship Him in how we treat each other, our neighbors, our friends and especially our enemies.

The Upstate New York Ministry Network will continue to observe and report to you what is happening in the Greater Capital District. “The Merge” is happening somewhere near you. UNITY is coming to Christ’s Church.  Mountain of Worship is not just a vehicle to that goal; it is a Kingdom manifestation of what His bride will look like on her wedding day.

Contact Mountain of Worship for much more detailed information at: www.themountain.org

By Michael Frati
(Editor Donna Hansen Munafo)

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