51286868_10216258590349918_1217117517491732480_nAs soon as we pulled in I noticed a familiar face, John Safford, serving as parking attendant.  God always knows how to make me feel welcomed!  A faithful follower of Christ, John has long been connected with the Free Methodist Church, and now is a part of this new church plant.

Revelation Church is one church with two locations, with their main campus located in Bozrah, CT.  Pastor Matt Grohocki and his wife Heidi heard God’s call and relocated from Florida to Connecticut, holding their first service on 9/30/12 with 209 people in attendance.  God has greatly blessed their obedience with a 327 acre piece of property in Bozrah, CT, as well as their new Saratoga campus which opened in September of 2018.  Pastor Mark Kehrer, along with his wife Jodie and worship leader, Scott Francisco, are leading this new congregation.  Fruit is already being evidenced which has further ignited their passion to bring life and light to the community of Saratoga Springs.

worshipWe could hear the worship music already playing and we made it just in time to hear our friend Sherri Batson sing “Revelation Song”.  It blessed my heart to hear that the worship leader, Scott, makes room for others on the team to choose songs.  An obviously gifted singer and guitarist, he also has every indication of a humble, servant-leader.  As we sang the new song “Simple Gospel” by United Pursuit, I sensed that this team of anointed musicians were all about worshiping Jesus and serving one another.

Pastor Mark then warmly welcomed us and introduced the message by Kurtis Thompson (Bozrah, CT Staff Member).  Entitled “Return to Sender”, this was a thought provoking take on 2 Kings 4:1-7.  Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you?  Tell me, what do you have in your house?”  “Your servant has nothing at all, she said, except a small jar of olive oil.” 2 Kings 4:2   We live with so many luxuries in the United States that  sometimes we don’t realize what we truly have. We are to bring not just what we NEED to God, but what we HAVE to God.  By emptying our jars of the old, we allow God the empty space in our lives to fill.  We can’t just take our old selves and add God to it.  And once we receive God’s blessing, we need to give it back to God.  The LAW mindset starts at 0% and asks, “How much do I need to give?”  The GRACE mindset starts at 100% and asks, “What is the best I can give?”  We are to be a living sacrifice and offer everything we have to God (Romans 12:1).  Kurtis helped me recognize that there were still some jars in my own life that needed emptying.  Pastor Mark Kehrer then added some closing remarks, sharing his own battle with surrendering to God.  The emptying of his jar is strongly evidenced by his obedience in coming to Saratoga to serve as Campus Pastor at this new church plant.

Pastor Mark announced that following the service there was going to be a “Partnership Class”, a one-time class for those interested in a commitment to fulfill the call laid out in scripture to give, serve and grow.  I love how they call it PARTNERSHIP as opposed to MEMBERSHIP.  They also offer a four-part discipleship track which includes classes covering subjects such as prayer, evangelism, obedience, conflict resolution, celebrating God’s word and His presence, passion, calling and empowerment.  Their information table included “New Believer’s Guides”, as well as free Bibles for all who need one.

There are many opportunities at Rev Church to get involved and develop close relations with people and with God.  Connection groups are offered weekly (running 3 semesters throughout the year) and include a men’s group, a women’s group, as well as co-ed groups.  There are also many ways to serve including Media, Kids, Worship and First Impressions.

Rev Church of Saratoga Springs may be the youngest church I have ever journeyed to, however, it is well-established and firmly planted on GOOD ground.  With the dedication of the church staff and volunteers, along with the support of their main campus in Connecticut, God has them in the perfect position to bring change to the lives of those in the community around them.  Saratoga Springs get ready … Jesus is about to REV things up!

Church Website – http://myrevelationchurch.com

By Donna Hansen Munafo
useScott Francisco & Pastor Mark Kehrer
Me & John Safford