The Faith Deliverance Tabernacle (FDT) church van was unloading its passengers when we arrived.  Offering free transportation is such an important part of having church!   This multicultural, inner-city church is located right in the heart of Schenectady, on the corners of Crane Street and Ostrander Place.  They are part of the International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) and share their vision to reach the world with the Gospel (  Pastor Chandradat (Gewan) Robert has been the pastor at Faith Deliverance Tabernacle for over a decade and it is nothing short of a thriving, alive, on fire, miracle believing church!

It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and they already had all of the beautiful Christmas décor shining throughout the sanctuary.  This historic building, accented with gorgeous stained glass and curved, wooden pews, was filling up quickly.  I soon had to scoot over to make room for others to be seated.  The worship was already going strong as they proclaimed deliverance and breakthrough from the platform.  “God is bringing us into release!  It’s time for another level of praise, another level of trust in Him, another level of prayer!  You have a choice … You can choose to accept the release and walk out of here with it today.  There is an open door before you.  We need to change our positions and move forward.”  As these proclamations were being made the music flowed perfectly.  As we sang “Break Every Chain”, it was apparent that these folks were not “playing church”.  Worship leaders Doyle Whitman, Dave Robert and the entire team had their eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus and they “meant business”.
The name of this church is an absolutely perfect description of what their passion is.  They desire to see all people walk in the victory that is ours through Jesus Christ.  The worship continued as Pastor Gewan spoke about changing our position.  He stated that the prophetic is symbolic and carries action with it.  We need to believe it and then move into it.  He then asked each of us to physically change where we were standing or sitting in the church to symbolize what God was going to do in the Spirit.  So we moved temporarily to another place and, as I moved, I sensed spiritually that I was being lifted up into a greater level.  The sanctuary was at capacity and everyone repositioned.  People were prayed over and delivered right before our eyes.

Jaden RobertsPastor Gewan then talked about how God is using children in a great way.  He invited a young boy, Jaden (about 10 years old), to come up and preach a “mini sermon”.  Young Jaden preached boldly, referencing Jeremiah 1:4-8.  “Do not say, I am only a youth, for to all whom I send you, you shall go”.  I have often heard it said that children were the “church of tomorrow”, but I saw firsthand at FDT that they are the church of TODAY.  Here before us was a brave, young child giving an anointed message to a crowded church.  Jaden certainly has the call of Jeremiah on his life.  This church recognized this and made room for it.  The pastor’s wife, Nazima Robert, then preached a strong message on spiritual warfare and the importance of knowing the Word of God.  We all have the authority of Jesus available to us but we must have a renewing of our minds.

They welcomed the visitors by inviting us to stand and having a few young men distribute welcome folders.  Sister Sandra met with us after the service to share about the church and all that God was doing at FDT.  They put free bread out for the congregation each week and she encouraged us to take what we needed.  I love that they have a team available to go house to house to pray and/or teach Bible studies.  All you have to do is ask them.  They make it a priority to pray and equip people.  They hold healing services on Fridays at 7pm and Bible Studies are on Wednesdays at 7pm.  Youth meetings are held Fridays at 5pm.   They also have an annual Christmas meal and EVERYONE is welcome.

Pastor Gewan and his wife are very excited about the opening of their second location in Maryland, NY (7575 Hwy 7), about an hour drive West of Schenectady (service time is 2pm).  God is blessing the work of their hands and increasing their territory.  “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)  Faith Deliverance Tabernacle knows that God has great plans for you too.  It’s time to move forward.  It’s time to walk through the open door before you.  It’s time to change your position.  It’s time to visit your FDT family.

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By Donna Hansen Munafo