Pastor Earl WallceMe & Pastor EarlEarl Wallace was called to the pastorate and founded Liberty Christian Fellowship in April 2014.  His journey to LCF included teaching week long Bible Conferences for 14 summers at both Sacandaga Bible Conference and Lakeside Christian Camp.  He also served as an interim pastor for about 7 months and started / taught two Bible Studies.   He has an extensive background that includes public service as a high school English teacher and veteran’s advocate and has served as a defense contractor to assist the Iraqi Director General to establish the Iraqi Department of Veterans Affairs.  Pastor Earl is also a worship leader, song writer and author of the book “The Three-Dimensional Leader”.

I had met Pastor Earl well over a decade ago when he was ministering in song at a local Christian festival.  Today it was a blessing to have our paths cross once again.  His wife, Pamela, and several other members greeted us warmly as we walked in.  Pastor Earl was rehearsing when we arrived.  He was singing and playing his guitar just as I had remembered him all those years ago.  Donna LaPoint, worship leader, was singing as he accompanied her.  The worship truly magnified God.  After several songs, we continued to worship through prayer and giving.  We were seated when they began to sing Blessed Assurance, my absolute favorite hymn of all time!  They added a bridge that repeated this phrase … “Jesus changed my story”.   What a creatively simple, yet powerful, addition to this classic hymn.

Pastor Earl teaches the Word of God through Episodic Bible teaching, which deals with whole passages of scripture.  This method helps us get a full understanding of God’s perspective and prevents one from “cherry picking” scripture to remain “politically correct”.   His message began with the congregation reading Genesis 32:1-32 together.   Because of the depth and richness of his teachings, sermon notes are included in the bulletin and a detailed message map is viewable on the screen.   Today’s message was entitled “Jesus Wrestles with Jacob”.   Pastor Earl stated, “When God calls you to something, don’t look in the mirror and see what you’re not”.  Jacob is challenged to adhere to God’s plan, despite the prospect that Esau is approaching with 400 men.  Just like Jacob, God wants to keep us wild enough to be bold, but tame enough to stay on the right path, and do God’s work, God’s way.  Because of our sinful and stubborn carnal natures, we all need a good “wrestling match” with God, and we need to cling to Him for blessing as Jacob did, so God permanently transforms our walk.  You can view this teaching and past teachings on their Youtube channel that can be accessed through their website “Home Page”.   After the service, everyone gathered in the café area for fellowship and light snacks.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to speak with several congregants, all stating how happy they are to have found a church that teaches the Bible in its fullness.

Liberty Christian Fellowship is deep in their worship, their teaching and their mission to apply truth to our lives, including in our civics.  Pastor Earl has initiated “The Nineveh Project” to help people understand that America may be like Nineveh, a wicked nation that repented and got another 150 years stay of God’s hand of judgement! Earl has attended school board meetings and other civic events to explain how Biblical values express God’s love and will for us. Earl says, “the concept of “Separation of Church and State” has been used to confuse and deceive us into abandoning how God anointed America’s Founding Fathers to brilliantly apply Biblical values to our nation’s civics!”  He is passionate about educating people about cultural trends that suppress the public application of God’s Word in every aspect of our lives.

Through speaking engagements, radio programs, podcasts and resources available on the church website, Pastor Earl is a strong advocate for our rights and liberties.   He offers many related teachings including “The Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights,” and “God’s Will for Rights and Liberties”.   These explain that “Through the Ten Commandments, God establishes our “natural rights” to not be murdered, sexually molested, stolen from, lied to nor slandered, and to not have the blessings God gives us coveted by those who’d use government power to deny us them. These rights are referred to as “inalienable” in The Declaration of Independence.”  LCF’s mission includes standing in the gap for the people God loves, including public school children, the truly disabled and needy, as well as the healthy, working class, wealthy people, all of whom should have free and open access to the Gospel.

Pastor Earl states … America’s Founders began the first amendment of the US Constitution with “freedom of religion” which is to be spread by “freedom of speech”.   Nations get blessed by applying God’s eternal moral laws in their civics. They get cursed when they don’t.  God’s moral law is distinguished from Old Testament ceremonial laws, which pointed to salvation by faith in Christ, and which were fulfilled by His advent, sinless life, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection and being seated at the right hand of God.  I want to help politicians today understand God’s administrative or judicial law, such as that which governs “Cities of Refuge” explained in Numbers 35.  When politicians proclaim “sanctuary cities”, they erroneously and sinfully exonerate from criminal prosecution people who break God’s moral laws which are the foundation of America’s criminal statutes.  We need to understand that God established Cities of Refuge not as a “get out of jail free card”, but to provide a temporary sanctuary so people accused of a capital crime would have an opportunity for fair and just due process in a court of law, rather than have the relatives and friends of a victim act as vigilantes against them.”   

Prayer is also in the forefront at LCF.  A unique feature on the church website is their PRAYER page.  Click on it and you will see the requests submitted.  You can read the prayer, pray, and then click “I PRAYED”.  The person who submitted the request can see the total number of prayers for their request.  You can also submit your own prayer request.    You can also find original music by Pastor Earl, along with the lyrics, available FREE for download.

Isaiah 51:11 – “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me … the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted.  He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim LIBERTY to captives and freedom to prisoners”.  Pastor Earl Wallace is anointed to proclaim LIBERTY!  He preaches truth with no “gray areas”.  At LCF you will hear the, sometimes politically incorrect, word of God revealed in its entirety.   Come and be “set free”.

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By Donna Hansen Munafo
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