Good Ground Family Church was founded in 1998 and in 2001 they purchased an 18-year old Catholic Cathedral. They have been working diligently on the repairs and renovations for many years, a passion of the late Pastor Wendell Williams who was called home to be with the Lord in August of 2016.  The vision and the spirit of the late Pastor Wendell Williams lives on at Good Ground! His wife, Pastor Dona, and the congregation have persevered together as a family. It is so exciting that they are now beginning to see the abundant fruit of their labor.

The greeters were ready and young Reagan looked like a little angel, with her white gown and adorable smile. As I entered, I recalled how Good Ground Family Church had hosted one of our Upstate NY Ministry Network fellowships in early 2016. Pastor Wendell spoke to many leaders and pastors from the region that day, only a couple of months prior to his home going. The church really blessed us, offering us a free, delicious hot breakfast and an encouraging message. This congregation is known throughout the region for their love and generosity.

This multi-cultural church was singing in ONE accord with 4 powerful female vocalists leading from the platform. We sang “Great Are You Lord” and as we sang the bridge, I looked around the room and I was reminded that God truly is “Perfect in ALL of His ways”! Pastor Dona then shared how this was her husband’s favorite song and he sang it often during the darkest times of their lives. This church has gotten through some very challenging times, and now God’s light is shining even brighter. I could almost hear Pastor Wendell singing along with us.

“Faith comes by hearing”, so this church always includes a collective reading of scripture. Together we read out loud Psalm 117, the shortest Psalm in the Bible. “For great is His love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever”. How appropriate to read of God’s faithfulness right before praying over Missionaries to Kenya, Africa, Norm and Judy Allie. Good Ground supports missions and this couple was so very grateful for the prayers and financial support from the church. They shared how they had been involved in missions for 19 years, and talked about the faithfulness of God. They expressed their gratitude toward the late Pastor Wendell and the entire congregation.

Pastor Dona then acknowledged the Church Journey team and thanked us for visiting. Good Ground’s mission is “To Connect People to God and People to People”, and that is exactly what Church Journeys and Upstate NY Ministry Network is all about. Pastor Dona’s message was a great reminder to always stand on the TRUTH of God. She asked how many of us had ever been falsely accused, and went on to give examples of the false accusations against the Apostle Paul in Acts 25. Paul did nothing wrong, yet the Jews wanted him killed over religious differences. Paul had to go through a process; it took time. We live in time, but in eternity there is no time. But while we are on this Earth, we have a process (time) to go through. But like Paul, we can trust in God to help us GO THROUGH!

Pastor Dona Williams and the congregation of Good Ground Family Church have trusted God to help them GO THROUGH! After many long years, they finally get to see their main sanctuary finished and open for services this December. What a grandiose house of worship, complete with stained glass, vaulted ceilings and beautiful architecture. In addition, their Connect Center for the Youth is in its final stage of construction, an urban youth center for families of Cohoes and the greater Capital Region. This center will help make a positive impact in the lives of the youth through mentoring, tutoring, vocational and life skill development and after-school programs.

Good Ground is committed to reaching out to their community. They partner with the Salvation Army to make a food pantry available to Cohoes residents every Tuesday and Thursday. Their Bread Basket Outreach, held Monday through Friday, 10 am till 3 pm, offers free bread to all who are in need.

Matthew 13:23 “But he who received seed on the GOOD GROUND is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” Come by and see for yourself the wonderful fruit being produced on this Good Ground!

Church Website – www.goodgroundfamilychurch.org

By Donna Hansen Munafo
worship team