There is a Church in Albany …
A church that contends for those ensnared by the powers of “this present darkness”.
A church where you are encouraged to get out of your pew and do.
A church where people are being built up.
A church where you can grow spiritually.
This church is Kingdom Reigning Worship Center in Albany, NY.

Upon arriving, Pastor Patrick Avery immediately came over and inquired, “Are you the blog lady?”  He then offered a tour of the facility and said we were welcome to do this on our own, “since we were all family”.  We poked around in the back to discover a kitchen and a room for children’s church.  We noticed there was a group of members fervently praying for the Sunday service. This congregation was already on fire and prepared to corporately worship. The keyboard was playing in the background, and the place began to fill up with hearts, anticipating something wonderful to happen.

A powerful woman of God, Elder Walker, opened in prayer and spoke prophetically. Then several singers, accompanied by the anointed keyboardist, sang songs of praise and thanksgiving.  When they sang “Victory Belongs to Him”, each of them took a solo as the congregation applauded and encouraged them on.  It was so nice to see edification among the brethren going on here. Then, Elder Walker took a moment to honor a young woman named Kimberly, who worked diligently with the children. Kimberly was presented a card recognizing her efforts, as the church celebrated her contribution to the Body.  Pastor Patrick Avery and the members of KRWC clearly have a passion to lift up people and help them grow in their spiritual walk.

As the guest speaker, Evangelist Ginger, shared a message from her heart, there were many affirmations given.  She shared a number of scriptures about how God is calling us to be His hands and feet.  Jesus is our font and our foundation.  His rivers of living water can flow out of each of us.  We have no need to complain because we lack nothing.  In closing, she wanted to sing a song that God laid on her heart that very moment.  She wasn’t sure how the song went, so she asked the congregation if they knew it. After a few moments, little by little, voices began to find the right melody and the keyboard player joined and accompanied without effort.  Soon the whole church was singing … “Jesus is the Rock of My Salvation”!  What a powerful display of the Body of Christ, supernaturally responding in UNITY.

Pastor Patrick then approached the altar and asked all to come forward who wanted clarity in hearing God’s voice.  He also prayed for healing over several saints who were present, including my husband Joe and myself.  He spoke with authority and declared victory over us. His prophetic words and exhortations rang true. They aligned perfectly with the mandate God has given Upstate New York Ministry Network; to connect the Body of Christ in the Capital Region.

The vision of Kingdom Reigning Worship Center is to uplift and enlighten those who seek the truth.  Their mission is to equip and empower the sons and daughters of God, awakening them to the knowledge of God’s will for their lives.  This is not just a formal statement that they post on their website.  It was evident from the moment we walked in and is now indelibly etched upon the tablets of our hearts. Pastor Avery not only encouraged us but he invited us to come back and lead a night of worship in the near future. The name of this church is perfect because it’s a worship center for God’s Kingdom … for the entire Body of Christ!  Our Church Journeys have once again connected us with like-minded Christians who share a passion for UNITY.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom; and you could definitely sense that freedom here.  Pastor Patrick Avery is a man who knows God’s voice.  He does not speak “Christianese” and he does not “play church”.  He himself embodies a lifestyle of praising and giving thanks to God.  He gives “his all” to see people develop and grow in the likeness of Christ.  Sunday’s celebration Service and Children’s Church begin at 12pm.  They also have a Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study at 6pm and a Thursday evening prayer/workshop at 6pm.  Come all who are weary and broken.   Come all who need a special touch from the Lord.  God’s Kingdom is reigning here.

Church Website – http://www.krwc.net

By Donna Hansen Munafo
Edited by Michael Frati