Randy & Tammie AnsonAs often as we journey Churches in the Capital Region, we have become attuned to all of the wonderful attributes and distinctions common amongst the most successful expressions of Christ’s body. Easily, Life for the Nations (LFTN) Church is not lacking in any of the most commonly valued characteristics esteemed by discerning Christians.

Children’s ministries are not your “grandmother’s version of Missionettes” and Royal Rangers for the boys (says Pastor Randy). They performed beautifully choreographed dances with flags and streamers touching the hearts of everyone there, and most certainly our Father in heaven.  Praise and worship was exemplary and conducted in Spirit and Truth. The facility was fastidiously and expertly planned and maintained with a kitchen that would make Julia Child smile. The vast grounds surrounding the church building were meticulously kept with ample parking and an outside pavilion and playground that you would expect to see at a national park.

I could go on and on about the extraordinary accommodations and professional attentiveness to detail concerning everything we observed. Excellence was simply everywhere!  Moreover, we have found few churches with such a distinctive personality.  LFTN has a personality so exciting and virtuously compelling that you’re both attracted to and disarmed by its altruistic merit.  Such a Church is Life for the Nations, “A Place for ALL people and ALL nations”.  Its very name exemplifies the heart of its Pastor, Randy Anson.  The church body not only represents a multitude of nations around the world with over half of the membership having immigrated to the United States, but LFTN’s focus is in fact, missions around the world and the United States.  They have not given sparingly to this cause.  They faithfully and happily support 30 to 35 separate international missionary ministries totaling a financial obligation in access of $3,000.00 a month.  As if this is not enough, they actively send short and long-term mission teams and missionaries to spread the word by fulfilling Matthew 28:19 “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

Pastor Randy told our team that he is a facilitator of people’s gifts and abilities. He exemplifies the very definition of the (Ephesians 4) Five-fold ministry gift of Pastor.  LFTN also sponsors a school of ministry training program which, if successfully completed, will enable you to have a path toward achieving credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Pastor Randy is also an excellent orator of the Word, preaching very convincingly that morning on the “Holy Spirit, our source of life”. The spirit of God is in us. God is not “some man out there”. Having a hunger for God is key to having a relationship with the Spirit of God.

Prayer is a huge focus with several prayer meetings offered weekly. There is a prayer chain available that you can call or e-mail requests to.   And through their “Adopt-A-Cop” program, people are encouraged to pray for the Albany Police force and “pray for police” wristbands are made available. In addition to their 10 am Sunday morning worship service, there is a special worship service held on Tuesday’s @ 6:30 pm, as well as a Bible study on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm. LFTN also offers a “Foundations Course” taught by Pastor Randy. Classes teach on subjects such as treasuring our relationship with God,
forgiveness God’s way, and building a strong prayer & devotional life (Sundays @ 8:45 am starting 9/10/17).

With so many excellent opportunities for being discipled and trained for discipling, LFTN also as a “Life Kids” after school program which lacks nothing. This program has been fashioned for the needs of your children and the special requirements of today’s busy, multitasking parents. Life Kids is conducted by a well-trained, experienced and qualified staff providing a safe, structured enriching and nurturing environment for school aged children. Special vacation camps are also available for winter and spring breaks, as well as a full summer program.

What can we say? Life for the Nations church is a most complete expression of Christ you can experience. All of these accomplishments and their provision are indubitably born of the grace of God with a UNITY among the brethren seldom seen.  The Upstate NY Ministry Network proudly and unabashedly recommends Life for the Nations to anyone wanting to be part of a Church environment characterized by the Excellent Greatness of God. LFTN Church is a MUST VISIT. If you have a heart to spread the gospel by giving, or if the words “Go ye therefore” are indelibly etched on your heart, then Life for the Nations could be your happy home.

Church Website – www.lifeforthenationschurch.org

By Michael Frati
(Contributing writer Donna Hansen Munafo)