Pastor Marc Thompson and Amanda
Pastor Marc Thompson, popularly known as Mr. Marc, has been the Pastor at New Day Christian Empowerment Center since its inception in 2011. Their mission is “to love God, love people, be Christ-like and duplicate”.

The love we received was sincere and their love for God was genuine and wonderfully apparent as they praised and prayed “to the max”. Some of our Church Journey Team arrived early to catch some of the 9am Bible study taught by Deacon Chuck VanNatten. The question to ponder was, “Do you serve or wait to be asked to serve?” A light breakfast was offered and we were encouraged to partake in both coffee and conversation. We then made our way upstairs to the sanctuary for the 10 am service.

A firey young Minister, named Prince Dorbor, opened up with a bold prayer. This set the tone for the powerful “urban style” worship that was about to be released into the atmosphere. There were seven ladies in the choir which was directed by Margie Owens. The flag waving worshiper was none other than the smiling, 5-year old Adriana Baker. She was adorable. The praise was enough to raise the roof of this beautiful, historic, century old building. Following worship, Pastor Marc invited everyone to come to the altar for a time of prayer. It was an intense time of communication with God and each other.

Pastor Marc’s wife Amanda (lovingly known as “Ya Ya”) began to sing “But, Mercy said, No!” and shared a brief but meaningful word … “The Devil is a liar! It’s a NEW DAY! I’m not going to let you go. The mercy of God is around us every single day. Life is an opportunity to start over. Take your eyes off of your circumstances … brush it off and walk in front of the situation with your eyes on God.”

Pastor Marc gave our team a warm welcome, allowing each one of us to introduce ourselves and share our vision of UNITY with the congregation. He then began a sermon appropriate for July 4th, “a declaration of inter-dependence”. We are free and free indeed from things that were a part of our lives yesterday. No matter what comes, we can depend on Him. (Isaiah 46:10). God wants us to lean on Him because He is unmovable. God wants us to be free without being co-dependent on anything or anyone … only dependent on Him. Co-dependency pulls on our weaknesses to keep us down. Dependency on God transforms us by the renewing of our minds. God doesn’t need us, but He WANTS us. Throughout Pastor Marc’s message, he used his wife Amanda as a visual for what independence, co-dependency, dependency, and inter-dependency look like, using some comical facial expressions.

What Pastor Marc did next resonated with our team in a great way. He called up a number of people to join arms in a row, facing the congregation. This was a picture of inter-dependency, as they stood arm in arm moving together as one, UNIFIED. We need to be dependent on God while being inter-dependent with each other. Pastors and elders in a church should be operating like Jesus did … standing in the line with the Body of Christ and moving together collectively. When we function as a unit (in UNITY), nothing is missed. You can’t be independent until you become dependent on God. You are only as strong as the weakest link.

New Day Christian Empowerment Center offers a 9am Bible study (light breakfast served at 8:45am), 10 am Sunday worship, prayer on Tuesdays at 6pm, Bible study on Tuesdays at 7pm, as well as a men’s ministry, women’s ministry, couple’s ministry, youth ministry, children’s ministry, youth dance ministry and music ministry. Also, don’t miss out on some great soul food at “Ya Ya’s on Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 7pm. We tried it out. Really great soul food served hot and homemade in the church’s lower level. The chicken and collard greens were to die for. Licked my plate … then my fingers.

Come and see how this family operates in UNITY. Tellem God sent you. It’s God’s love! It’s a NEW DAY!

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By Donna Hansen Munafo
(Contributing writer Michael Frati)