19467907_10211615676719979_2745054655108603370_o19250605_10211617241519098_8758970927898963708_oProphets Bill and Esther Emmons have a solid reputation, speaking regularly at many churches throughout the Capital Region.  They teach at leadership and marriage seminars, youth conferences, worship conferences and train others in the use and development of spiritual gifts.  Esther is instrumental in helping others develop a rich, personal and intimate prayer life that explodes into a corporate house of prayer … the very thing God designed His church to be. They are also the Senior Pastors of Life Christian Center Church in the small city of Johnstown, NY.  This church is located out in the country … “set apart” both physically and spiritually.  A solid Eldership team enables this powerful couple to travel to the four corners of the globe, equipping and activating the Body of Christ and the next generation through the Prophetic Destiny Ministry (PDM) Network.

Life Christian Center Church (LCC) is by no means a cookie cutter operation.  They seek the Lord and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading every step of the way.  The worship was an anointed group of eight musicians that included the sweet, soul soothing sound of a violin.  There were young children in the aisle who worshiped, waving pom-poms and dancing.  Nothing was rushed, leaving plenty of time to meditate on God and bathe in His excellent presence.

It was a special day to visit LCC as Bill & Esther were celebrating 16 years of marriage.  They shared the testimony of how they met and the countless confirmations they each received from God. Their relationship is a shining example of the UNITY and LOVE Christ has for His bride.  This husband and wife team is a strong marriage with a strong message.  Prior to meeting one another, each of them had written a list of what their ideal spouse would look like.  God specifically answered and fulfilled the desires of their hearts.  Bill flew out to California to meet his future bride; a foretelling that traveling on behalf of the bride would be part of their ministry. Their home base is this intimate church, but God has given them a vast territory.  Together they travel the world and impact thousands of churches.

As they continued to speak, I sensed God’s love around me.  God is restoring His Bride.  Pastor Bill closed with a love song he had written for his beloved Esther and had sung at their wedding.  It was such a beautiful display of how a man should love His wife … as Christ loves His Bride.  Their story of love was all about waiting on God and settling for no less.

Life Christian Center, a seemingly obscure church, is reaching tens of thousands across the nations.  The Emmons oversee a multitude of ministries.  They are authors of several books and founders of the PDM Network.  Bill is also an apostolic board member of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship (MMFI), working with Apostle Rick Callahan to oversee their increasing global outreach.  Bill also teaches an online Bible study every Wednesday at 10am right from his Facebook page (William Emmons).  Their 10am Sunday morning service can be seen live on their church Facebook page (Life Christian Center Church).

Life Christian Center Church is reaching out far beyond its four walls to the entire Body of Christ.  Upstate NY Ministry Network and the Churchjourneyblog.com team applaud this level of Kingdom work.  God joined this dynamic duo together 16 years ago, and we pray a blessing over their union and ministry as God continues to use them in a great and mighty way.

This ministry of God is built on character and love. The UNITY exemplified in their marriage is the same UNITY that is being effectively taught and demonstrated by the Emmons among so many churches in the greater Capital District. You may find your theology pleasantly challenged by their compelling message and your heart enlarged by the charismatic love affair they have with God and each other.  We at Upstate NY Ministry Network strongly urge Church leaders to embrace this wonderful ministry.

Church Website – www.lifecc.org
Prophetic Destiny Ministry Network – www.pdministry.org

By Donna Hansen Munafo
(Contributing writer Michael Frati19250393_10211617248999285_841117121292174785_o19441854_10211617246999235_3335630107000674349_o