Pastor Jason & Kelly Thompson,Loreta & Pastor George LangdonOf all the churches we have journeyed, the most amazing that have profoundly touched our hearts are those newer and smaller works. Their determination to succeed with a total dependence upon God’s grace and provision is both encouraging and faith building, as they boldly proclaim the Gospel without fear or doubt.  Horizon Christian Fellowship, snuggly cuddled in the middle of the tiny foothill town of Cairo, NY is a beacon of God’s liberating truth and light.

Cairo is a gateway to Hunter and Windham mountains, dominantly framing the town with their towering majesty. Courageously lead by senior Pastor Jason Thompson (left) and associate Pastor George Langdon (right), they have demonstrated UNITY in the kingdom in a most unusual way.  Pastor Jason decided that this independent plant would have an accountability seldom seen among the churches we have journeyed.  Their Ruling Elders are predominantly the senior leaders of other successful local churches and ministries:  Pastor Jaron Halsted of Rock Solid Church, Pastor Jay Francis of Rock Road Chapel, Pastor Charlie Gockel of Prattsville Community Church and, of course, Senior Pastor Jason, stand together in UNITY, faith and accumulated experience to ensure the healthy life and growth of this burgeoning church.  With God they are bellowing its embers into a powerful fire that will burn and consume the darkness surrounding the Catskill region.  We at the Upstate NY Ministry Network believe that this 12,000-square-foot facility will be full of souls in a short season.  We congratulate these vanguards of the Faith.

Worship was wonderful and joyfully participated in by the entire congregation. An unbroken medley of How Great Thou art, How Great Is Our God, as well as some new songs that I decided to learn because they were so anointed, filled the room.

The sermon was timely, powerful and effectively delivered by Pastor Jason. He began by emphasizing that religion makes a church a prison.  Pristine carpets are to be walked on and worn out . . . not worshipped.  Everything around us was provided by God for us to use.  The things that need to be loved and esteemed with care and honor are not the building, but each other and God.  God wants us to actively live our lives in Him not as a burden, but as a playground . . . playgrounds in which you actively make things happen.  Playgrounds are places we need to live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

The battle is not ours but the Lord’s. His grace is sufficient, particularly if we have as an excuse a thorn that torments our flesh.  Do you have a thorn that has restrained you from being the person you know you’re supposed to be? (2 Cor. 12:9).  Horizon Christian Fellowship is a place that will help free you of your strife (Ps. 46:10) and bring you into a place of power, yielded to God’s grace.

Kids for Christ (KFC), run by Pastor Jason and his wife Kelly, is a ministry held at House of Glory (11693 Rt. 32, Greenville NY) every Thursday from 5:45 to 7:30, resuming this September. It has grown from 6 children to 110 in just a couple of years.  They have age appropriate Bible teachings, crafts, games and  lots of fun.  This church has a vision to bring the next generation into God’s kingdom and they are pursuing it with integrity and zeal.  Also, Pastor Langdon is leading a short-term mission trip this summer to the Island country of Jamaica.

If you live in the vicinity of Cairo, NY and you’re hungry to do more for God, this is a place where you can start at ground level and grow in your ministry. It’s time for you to run in God’s playground.  Something beautiful is on the horizon.

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By Michael Frati
(Editor Donna Hansen Munafo)