18765934_10211403847464380_7671506203408232020_nI felt such compassion for Pastor Sean Lawton, having met him a couple of years ago at a Bible study.  At that time, he had shared with me about a tragic car accident resulting in his wife receiving a traumatic brain injury.  Sarah was with him, as were their 3 precious little girls, all decked out in their Sunday best.  A father and devoted husband, Pastor Sean is also a loving Shepherd to his congregation.  This Pastor isn’t just “talking the talk” but is faithfully “walking the walk”.

Converge was launched in September of 2014 and they moved into their current location in April 2015.  Strategically located in Scotia Plaza directly across from the High School, they currently occupy 4,700 square feet.  Pastor Sean has a God vision to grow the church right where they are (bloom where they are planted).

Pastor Sean did a wonderful job leading the worship, though he is praying that God will provide a worship leader so he can focus more on the Word.  The love of Christ poured through him as he sang.  Another way we worship God is through cheerful giving, and in between songs he gave an opportunity to freely give in love … not in obligation.

A visitor asked to give a prophetic word to the congregation, and Pastor Sean welcomed it … it went like this: “You are on course says the Lord.  I haven’t given up on you. I will always be with you.  I am not angry, judgmental or disappointed.  I am not mad.  I love you.  You haven’t missed it.  I’ve not forgotten you.  I haven’t called you into mediocrity; you are called into my excellent greatness because I am excellently great.  I’ll never leave you, I promise, says the Lord.”

Pastor Sean’s message was about opposition.  He encouraged everyone to stand firm in what God has called us to do, even when those around us say we are wrong.  God has an extraordinary destiny for our lives.  Opposition and difficult circumstances are not signs of God’s displeasure.  He knows all you have done and the things coming against you.  Stay on the right path. The wheat and the tares are mixed together, but once grown you will be able to separate the good from the bad, harvest it, and throw the bad away.  Live by grace walking in the Spirit.  When God says, “It is finished”, that settles it; look no further.  Draw closer to Him and listen to His voice.  Closing Prayer – “God, speak to those that don’t have a plan for their lives.  God, prick their hearts and strike a fire into it.  Challenge us to do greater things for you.”

This church has a solid leadership team in place, ready for the anticipated church growth.  Pastor Brian Voelpel joined the team in August of 2016 as the Kid’s Church Pastor, and this is growing.  Associate Pastor Jake Shaffer oversees the ministry teams.  Jay Hall is in charge of “2nd Breakfast”, an open air discussion on a passage of scripture on social media (https://twitter.com/convcom) .   Pastor Sean’s mother, Teri, was joyfully staffing the nursery, a well-loved space for the little ones.

The mission of this church is to strengthen their community by encouraging them to discover their extraordinary destiny in Jesus.  Some of their outreaches have included:  Annual Back to School Bash, where 70 kids were handed backpacks and school supplies; Volunteer barbers have come in and cut student’s hair for free; 200 kids were ministered to on Halloween and provided a safe and family friendly atmosphere; Church participation in “Holiday on the Avenue” held annually in the Village of Scotia; and they are working to start an after school program with the Scotia School District.  They also support Missionaries from Uruguay, the Middle East, North Africa and India.

We declare this scripture to Converge Community Church –  “Stand firm, many plans placed in our hearts, but it’s the Lords purposes that prevail.”  Prov. 19:21

Trials build character, and Pastor Sean is a living testimony to this.  He has a vision to grow this church, and God’s plans will prevail.  Pastor Sean and the congregation are on course.  Converge has been called to excellence and greatness because our God is excellently great!   Come see what the Lord is about to do!  What an opportunity to be part of a great work.

Church Website – http://convergecc.org

By Donna Hansen Munafo
(Contributing writer Michael Frati)