This is a record of our wonderful journey to Mount Moriah Ministries in Glenmont.

Our team arrived at 11am on Sunday and we were greeted by at least four smiling people and a stalwart, seasoned usher named Sonny. The foyer of this building is as large as many churches we have visited and we were left to wonder what the sanctuary must look like. We weren’t disappointed. It’s an expansive room with 35′ ceilings able to comfortably sit 300 souls. They also have a 6pm meeting every Sunday called “Stir the Waters” where you learn to hear from God.

After a brief tour of the many classrooms that service a full Christian Academy matriculating K through 12 and accommodating children and adult Bible classes, we were introduced to the Co-Pastors Stephen and Meredith Giles. I had heard many wonderful things about these ministers for over 35 years but never met them. To our delight, they were youthful and full of inextinguishable enthusiasm. They were as interested in us as we were in them. Time constraining, they queried and answered questions right up to the beginning of the service. After church we spent considerable time continuing our lively conversation. They expressed a hunger for UNITY.

The worship service consisted of a choir singing “Praise Him” from a very elevated stage followed by a worship team of 5 singers and 5 musicians beautifully lead by Pastor Meredith singing and playing a baby grand piano. The music was mostly songs from the 1960’s through the early 90’s. It brought back so many memories of the days I grew up in an Assembly of God church. We were soon to find out that the Giles had been Assembly pastors for a long time before they decided to become an independent expression of Christ.

The congregation is an eclectic representation of over twenty countries many represented by flags circling the huge sanctuary. Announcements included the upcoming National Day of Prayer, gift boxes filled with necessaries put together for our military, an upcoming meeting of the parent support group “Just Breathe” which meets once a month, the women’s and men’s connect groups that meet every Sunday, a marriage renewal seminar on May 13 and “Men of Character” every Sunday at 10am. At the conclusion of the announcements, Daniel Shaw, who heads up the Mt. Moriah Children’s home in Kenya, thanked the congregation for their generosity and encouraged them to continue their support. The offering was taken and the children (under Pastor Lisa West) were called forward, prayed for by Meredith and released to their classrooms. A youngster was picked to lead the entourage of children by marching them in an orderly fashion to the learning center.

Pastor Stephen Giles was introduced as the speaker with a message entitled “The Great Escape Myth” based upon Psalms 55:6, “Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” The psalmist was so distressed that he no longer knew how to face his problems. Pastor Giles skillfully developed His message and succinctly targeted the intended meat of his sermon … “Suicide is not an option”. He proceeded to articulate the heart of God in a powerful message of redemption and overcoming by meeting our troubles head on. Faithfully following Christ to their conclusion and expecting the deliverance that comes with being under God’s wing, and not fleeing on our own wings is the only solution. It was one of the most convincing and dynamic messages I have ever heard. It became clear that Pastor Stephen was preaching from personal revelation. This was a Rhema Word which gave it such powerful credibility.

These Pastors have been patiently waiting on God to show them the plan for their destiny. I liken them to Gideon and his massive army of 33,000. God whittled Gideon’s army down to 300 for His purpose and glory. So many churches today are so prepared, armed to the teeth and weighed down heavy with the doctrine of warfare, that once they are confronted by an enemy they simply can’t combat a goliath in the weight and encumbrance of someone else’s vision of war. Many will die on the field. Some will die in their seats. Some will die in front of their TV. Some will achieve victory and receive their glory. Some will not engage the enemy, convinced they have done enough.

But then, there will be the Gideon’s of Mt. Moriah Ministries in Glenmont. This is the church that a real army will be forged from. They have refused to lap the water like dogs (Judges 7:5). They refuse to adopt every new whim and fancy of the 21st century Church. They refuse to fleece their God. They patiently await the King who is coming to lead them from the southern Gate of Albany into the battle for His Kingdom.

This is a church ready and ripe for God’s empowerment, strategy and leading. If you want to be one of the “300”, this is the place to be. After all, they have 300 seats and one is reserved for you. We are on the precipice of the next great move of God. Join His army. Well done Mt. Moriah Ministries and Maranatha Lord Jesus!

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By Michael Frati
(Editor Donna Hansen Munafo)