I love the sign that hangs above the entranceway of Victory Christian Church. It reads “REVIVAL ON QUAIL STREET”. Pastors Charlie and Tammy Muller have been praying for revival in the Capital Region for decades and continue to make a huge impact. I’ve heard about so many of this church’s ministries, including the gun buyback program where gift cards are given out to anyone who hands in a gun from off the street. I’ve passed their smoothie van driving through the city of Albany handing out free smoothies to inner-city children. Oh, and don’t forget the J.C. Club Children’s Feeding Center in Arbor Hill where hungry kids can come and eat a free, nutritious meal in a safe environment. Charlie, a man who once had a passion for battling in a boxing ring, now uses that passion to battle in the streets for men’s souls, to win them for Christ.

You couldn’t help but feel the joy and love in this house. The worship team had a wonderful urban/contemporary gospel feel that made me want to dance. The music called to my “Deep” Psalm 42:7, especially when they played “My God is Awesome”. They sang it like they meant it.  I felt right at home among this family of believers. Following worship, announcements were shared about the various things happening at Victory Church including Tuesday night prayer at 7pm (Colonie) and the “One Accord” Service on Thursday nights at 7pm (Colonie) where all three of their church locations come together (Rotterdam, Colonie and Albany) in one accord.

This multicultural congregation was listening intently as Pastor Charlie delivered a powerful message on God’s plan for our lives, proclaiming that “Fireproof Faith” is necessary to walk in God’s will. When trials come, we need to keep that fireproof faith through every circumstance. Faith does not mean denial or avoidance of our problems, but rather learning to give them all to God. Pride cometh before a fall and has no place in our lives.  DL Moody once said, “God sends no one away empty, except those who are full of themselves.”  We need to avoid the sink holes of the flesh and devote ourselves entirely to God. Let’s get sold out on eternal things and walk in God’s love. Let us strive to obtain the fruit of joy, peace and love and remove any bitter fruit in our lives. The Holy Spirit teaches us all things and then faith comes. With a mustard seed of faith we can move mountains. Since our lives affect so many others, we need to exhibit excellence in all we do. May we live our lives like King Hezekiah who, according to 2 Kings 18:6-7, “Held fast to the Lord and did not stop following him; he kept the commands the Lord had given Moses. And the Lord was with him; he was successful in whatever he undertook.”

It was nice to see how this church welcomes groups from local rehab facilities including Hospitality House and Hope House. Church leader Richard Brokaw will be starting a Men’s breakfast this March with the objective of reaching out to these men.  What a positive influence Victory Church has in the lives of so many who have lost all hope. I sensed a fire and passion in Pastor Charlie as he preached truth with boldness. In closing, he gave an invitation and several hands were raised. He invited them to come to the altar and I witnessed three brave men lay down their pride to dedicate their lives to Christ.

At the end of the service small cards were distributed with a mustard seed taped to them and the words “hope” and “faith” inscribed. I felt as though God was physically handing me a mustard seed of faith to continue this Church Journey He has sent me on. With mountain moving faith, I will continue to break down the walls that divide and help bring UNITY to His beautiful bride.

I am thankful for this church and for the faith God is finishing inside Pastor Charlie. Victory is an important part of the Body of Christ, doing all things excellently while giving God all the glory.  Children’s ministry, youth programs, prison ministry, support groups, and community outreaches are all visible signs of what God is doing in and through Victory Christian Church. Come and feel the passion that Pastor Charlie has for reaching the lost. Or better yet … put on your boxing gloves and join the battle!  Victory can be yours.

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By Donna Hansen Munafo
(Contributing writer Michael Frati)
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