sanctuaryOver the years I have held several ministry events at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, but I’ve never attended on a Sunday morning.  This visit was long overdue!  I have always admired how this church opens its doors to ministry events even for those who don’t regularly attend.  They have a beautiful, spacious facility and are always willing to let others use it for the work of the Kingdom.

I arrived at 8:00 a.m. for the Traditional Service.  I must admit, I had a difficult time keeping up with the liturgy and readings, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  The hymns always speak to me, and I loved the sound of a church organ and choir.  I especially liked how the choir sang a modern worship song, “10,000 Reasons”.  I was amazed at how beautiful it sounded in a traditional style with 4 part harmony. Angelic voices soared from the high balcony.   Pastor Paul Koehn articulated his message with precision, confidence and humility.  His sermon was entitled “At-one-ment and Wrestling”. He spoke about submitting to God, resisting sin, and loving sinners.  The texts included Leviticus 16:29-31 and Genesis 32:11,24.

After the service, I headed over to the 9:30 Bible Study. The Bible Study was an unexpected treat. Pastor Tom Roemke was teaching. Instantly you could identify the gifting and love this man of God had as he skillfully lead this small group of about 30 people, with an abundance of participation and coffee!   At the conclusion, I made my way back to the sanctuary for the 1030 a.m. contemporary service.

I came in as the worship team began.  They were skilled and the modern songs were refreshing.  There were several prophetic words given during this time, and I was impressed with how Pastor Paul transitioned from the two very different styles of services.  How beautiful it was to see a church become “all things to all men”.  The same message was presented twice in different formats to appeal to the hearts of those in attendance.

Our Savior’s Lutheran is a very special Church.  It is one that reaches both young and old.  They understand the differences in the Body of Christ and know how to bridge that gap.  Their focus is on the KINGDOM and not just on their own facility.  It’s a church that keeps the doors open to “The Church”. It’s the church that GOD is going to use in this season.  I believe God spoke to me about this special place, and it is going to be a hub, in the forefront of what God is doing and is about to do in the Capital Region.

To God be all the Glory!  Thank you Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

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By Donna Hansen Munafo