This past Sunday I journeyed to Colonie Christian Life Center and was greeted warmly as I walked in. One of the ushers brought me upstairs into the sanctuary where they had a café located towards the back.  Everyone was enjoying fellowship and coffee prior to service, and I spotted my friend Delray Agnes and made my way over.  Service began promptly at 11:00 a.m., and we were invited to take our seats (and coffee was allowed!).

Pastor David Mazzella greeted the congregation and stressed the importance of focusing on God for the next 90 minutes. The service was very structured and certainly well planned.  The worship team opened with three Christmas songs, the last one having an almost jazzy feel.  They were highly skilled and I enjoyed the grand piano, cello and orchestrations.

They had a young girl share a testimony, and then the pastor proceeded with his message entitled, “Do I Matter?” He asked if we ever felt pushed aside, overlooked, or felt forgotten.  Then he spoke about the Christmas story in Luke 2 where God chose the lowly shepherds to be used for a great purpose….to bring Good News to all people!  God uses the least likely, the poor, and the seemingly forgotten to do great works for Him.   He concluded by encouraging everyone with “God delights in you!”

The worship team then reconvened with 2 more songs as the Pastor went backstage. The next portion of the service included a coffee table on the platform with the pastor and a young man who shared a testimony.  Afterwards, the worship team played and they proceeded with an offering, followed by communion.  The Pastor closed in prayer, and encouraged everyone once again.  He stated, “Peace on Earth rests on those who find their significance in the significance of Jesus”.

This church was highly organized and definitely put a lot into the preparation of their service. Being administratively gifted, I admired the detail in the “Worship Guide” they distributed.  This gave a brief description of all of their programs, and also listed the leadership names and contact information on the back.  It included their vision and values, and also a calendar of weekly services and events.

On the way out I noticed that Pastor David was standing at the back entrance, taking time to talk with people as they left. I always like seeing that.  So I stopped a moment and had a pleasant conversation with him, and I thanked him for the message.  I encouraged him as the words from his message resonated in the back of my mind….”You do matter, so what you do matters”.  Encouraging Pastors and churches matters…and I would like to believe my small words of encouragement to him made a difference.

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by Donna Hansen Munafo