It was a beautiful, sunny day as I made my way to the Agape Apostolic Church of Deliverance in Troy, NY with my good friend Danny Poleto. I always love walking into a sanctuary for the very first time.  You will find me looking around, trying to find the unique characteristics and “beauty marks”.  This room was surrounded by traditional stained glass windows and the sun was shining brightly through them.  The service began at 11:00 am.  There was a smaller crowd of about 40 people, but each person there was passionate and worshipped with their entire being.

The music team consisted of keys, bass, horn, electric guitar, an amazing 15 year old female drummer, and a number of gifted singers. Everyone was worshiping intensely, and it brought us all into the throne room.  We sang “All I want is You Lord” with such power and anointing.

The opening prayer was spoken with such reverence and passion. This place was full of life.  They prayed for specific people, and then prayed for all present, including elders and visitors.  They then asked any visitors to stand, so I did, and they gave me the opportunity to introduce myself.  I shared with them about my “church journeys” and gave them an encouraging word.  The offering followed, with upbeat music, and then a time of testimonies for all to share.  This congregation was filled with praise, joy and thankful hearts!  Communion Sunday is observed on the first Sunday of every month, and to commemorate, everyone dressed in white.  Even my friend Danny donned an all white suit and real wine was served.

Pastor David Camp’s message was entitled “God Never Changes”. He began with the entire congregation reading Joshua 1:1-9 and 18 together.  “BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE” is found repeatedly in the scriptures, and this is necessary to be a Godly leader. As Pastor David was speaking on the importance of Godly leadership and obedience, I glanced up to the window.  Right then a great beam of light shone through the stained glass, and I saw the shadow of a bird soaring by.  God always speaks to me through birds, and I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking….no longer was it Pastor David Camp.  The message continued….in verse 7 it says to be VERY courageous.  We must stay in God’s Word in order to prosper.  We are to meditate on it DAY AND NIGHT.

Then came conviction as the message focused on “THE SIN OF PROSPERITY”.   What a powerful message I heard about how we often times FORGET about the Lord AFTER the blessing.  I closed my eyes and the sun was shining so brightly that the inside of my eyelids were actually red.  I felt the presence of God in this place so strongly.  Then I heard the pastor say in a loud, passionate voice, “YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED THEN FORGOT THE VERY ONE WHO BLESSED YOU!”  How can we forget GOD….who makes a way when there seems to be NO way? Don’t EVER let the blessing DIVERT your attention!

Then one of the elders came to the pulpit and closed in a powerful prayer of repentance.   They invited everyone up for prayer, and it seemed as though the entire congregation went up.  One gentleman accepted Christ and they immediately took him downstairs and put a robe on him, and baptized him that very moment.  What an amazing public proclamation of the resurrection!

As I left that day, the warmth and love could be strongly felt. The sun seemed to be shining down on me even brighter through those old stained glass windows as I turned to leave, and I knew God had brought me to another divine appointment this Sunday morning.

I highly recommend this church to anyone who is seeking a life filled service with anointed gospel music and a message of repentance. I do hope God leads me back here again soon!

Church Website – http://www.agapeapostolicchurch.com/welcome.html

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