I live in Loudonville and I drive past Loudonville Community Church almost daily, but never took the time to visit.  God lead me there today and it was clearly a divine appointment.  As I walked into the sanctuary, I was in awe of its beauty.  The worship team was playing as the people came in.  The service started promptly @ 11:00 a.m. and there was a full house.

The song service was lead by Ken Tyrrell.  I have heard so many positive things about this man through the years, and I was finally hearing what the fuss was all about.  The worship was a nice blend of songs including several newer songs, along with the standard “Blessed be Your Name”, and a couple of classic hymns.  The team was professional, anointed and humble.  I felt the presence of God as I sang with tear filled eyes.  I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Sal Munafo, keyboardist, in person, along with his friend Penny.

Pastor Paul Beck’s message entitled “Church Health” was based upon Acts chapter 6.  God spoke through him to confirm the importance of selecting people of good reputation for ministry and how to properly deal with conflicts within the church.  Here is a summary of what I took away from Dr. Paul’s teaching…

All churches have problems, but how the issues are handled determines if the church will thrive.  When there are tensions in a church, they need to be addressed carefully and prayerfully.  So often, the last thing we do when there is tension is PRAY.

In Acts 6, they needed to assign people to assist with serving tables so the Apostles could devote their time to prayer and ministry of the Word.  How important it is that we stay focused on the tasks God gives us.  It is crucial that God’s Word and our ministries are WELL SERVED!

The Apostles LISTENED to the complaints of the people and took them seriously.  Effective church leadership needs to LISTEN, even when it’s bad news.  The Apostles then formulated an action plan that included the choosing of 7 men to assist in the ministry of serving tables.  The congregation was included in the decision making process, which strengthened the Body and helped bring unity in the church.

Those chosen were required to be full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom, and of good character.  We entrust the health of our church to growing disciples who are known for their SPIRITUAL MATURITY.  Ministry workers need to be carefully chosen according to the requirements in Scripture.  There is no ranking in ministry.  The ground around the cross is LEVEL ground.  Lord, help us take our complaints to the RIGHT place…to You!

The closing song really tied it all together – the classic Hymn, TRUST AND OBEY… “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey”

I thank God for leading me to Loudonville Community Church today.  I highly recommend this church to anyone who is seeking solid Biblical teaching along with sweet worship in Spirit and Truth.  I do hope God leads me back here again soon!

Church Website – http://www.lcchurch.org

by Donna Hansen Munafo

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