Joe and I visited this church upon invitation from our good friend, Chris Milian.  Special guest speaker was Pastor Emeritus Michael Alford.  Below are some of my observations…

The title of the message, “Foundation for Freedom”, based upon the scripture Matthew 7:24-29.

Some points mentioned:

Have we forgotten our foundation?”

Our freedom is built upon the rock of God and that rock does not change.

There hasn’t been an awakening of God’s Spirit in over 100 years.

Can there be true liberty without Christ…without the Spirit of Truth?

Must have conversion / personal experience with Christ.

As I was sitting in this beautifully cared for, historic church I noticed many things.  The large ceiling had not a crack; the stained glassed windows were perfect as the sun shone through them; the golden chandeliers portrayed elegance; small candle shaped bulbs accented the walls.

I admired the choir. I realized, being from a background of mostly non-denominational churches, that I never actually was at a service with a choir.  The traditional pews were padded for comfort.  They offered the hymnals, but also displayed words on a large screen for those who preferred that method.  The service started on time!  The speaker offered prayer for our leaders, and then we all said the “Our Father” together.  There was a time for the children as they came to the front of the church, all dressed so nicely, as if it was Easter or a special holiday.  Most everyone there dressed very well out of reverence.

I found myself leaning forward as I listened intently to the powerful message.  He spoke about the spiritual dimness in so many lives today.  The Spirit of God was present in this place as I felt tears emerge.   I wondered then why I was crying.  Was it because of the removal of Christ in American schools that he mentioned?  Was it because of the statistics he gave on the number of babies killed each year through abortion?   Was it because there are so few real men and women of God who bring forth messages like this?  Was it because I saw all the beautiful things this church had to offer, having been taught that denominational churches were “dead”.

I tell you, this church is not dead.  As I sat there today, I leaned forward to hear the words of a preacher from North Carolina.  His accent and mannerisms showed me that he was a humble man, yet courageous and bold in the Lord.   A powerful sermon in a beautiful, traditional church, surrounded by sisters and brothers in the Lord.

I am thankful for the variety of churches.  I am thankful for God equipping people like Pastor Alford.  I am thankful that there are men and women of God still standing up for what is right, taking a stand for God!

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